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Outlined below are a few common questions that are asked of Cheeky Fapper fairly regularly. Before you get in contact please check first to see if your question hasn’t already been answered.

How do I download a GIF from Cheeky Fapper?
On each GIF page there is a blue button underneath the image that says ‘Download Original GIF’. If you click this the GIF will open in a new tab/window. Once loaded, right-click and Save-As. If you are using a tablet or phone, press-and-hold the image until the menu appears.

Can I download all GIFs in one zip file?
I’m afraid not. Cheeky Fapper use the highest quality GIFs which are by their nature, quite large. Given the archive runs into the tens-of-thousands, one zip file containing all GIFs would be unmanageable and ridiculously large.

Can I advertise on Cheeky Fapper?
Currently no, but do get in touch anyway because this is something that in the future will be implemented. There’s nothing wrong with starting a conversation.

Is it possible to exchange links with my own site and Cheeky Fapper?
Currently no, but do get in contact anyway and include the URL you wish to link to. In the future this is something that could be implemented.

Can I create an account and submit my own GIFs?
I’m afraid not. Cheeky Fapper is a personal project of the curator and currently there are no plans to allow others to contribute. If you have come across a GIF that you think fits with the theme of the site, then by all means use the contact form and paste the URL in before sending.

How do I request the removal of an image/GIF or to be given credit?
Please use the contact form to get in touch. Copy and paste the URL (from your browser’s address bar) and give as much information as possible. Please allow 3-7 days for changes to take effect.

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