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Cheeky Flicks was created in November 2020 after the growing success of its sister site, Cheeky Photos and is a celebration of the naked human body and porn.

Cheeky Flicks is the second site in a growing empire of Cheeky-ness and it all started a few years ago when your curator realised the irony of disagreeing with models being used on surfing paraphenalia photoshoots, but struggled to keep his eyes away. After posting about it on his personal site, it was only a matter of time before Cheeky Photos was born.

The Curator

Your curator is an assman, so please forgive the abundance littered throughout Cheeky Fapper. But all nakedness should be celebrated and Cheeky Fapper is a personal project to collect, catalogue and enjoy porn in all its wonderful guises.

Your curator will remain a woman-loving, always-gentlemanly, pro-porn, respectful and anonymous man who simply enjoys a bel culo.

The Expectations

Needless to say, you should be over the age of eighteen (18) to view the contents of Cheeky Fapper. Those under the age of eighteen may come across material that is not suitable for their age.

Most content on Cheeky Fapper depicts sex, so naked bodies and procreation are commonplace. And not just straight sex, for all is considered acceptable at Cheeky Fapper. So man-and-woman, but also woman-and-woman and man-and-man. Vaginal, oral, anal, solo, BDSM and groups.

Cheeky Photos doesn’t discriminate, and the posting of an image, GIF or video is based solely on the artistry of the medium and the beauty seen in the eye of the beholder, which is myself.

The Technical Bit

Every GIF on Cheeky Fapper is categorised by position, or thereabouts. Categories have a menu at the top of each page so if you know what is going to get you in the mood, head straight over. From anal to oral, from missionary to cowgirl. Straight up masturbating to double penetrations and gangbangs.

Each GIF is available to download by right-clicking or pressing-and-holding and saving the file for those on tablet devices.

Each GIF is copyrighted to its respective owner and Cheeky Fapper makes no pretence to owning any content displayed on the site.

If you come across any mistakes – perhaps a model’s name is incorrect or an GIF has been tagged inappropriately – then please use the contact form to get in touch. Please ensure you copy-and-paste the URL (web page address) into the form so the issue can be understood and resolved promptly. For any requests to remove an GIF or amend any details, please allow for between 3 and 7 days for changes to take affect.

Cheeky Flicks is hosted on a LAMP server based in the United States and the Curator is based in the UK. All models depicted on Cheeky Fapper were – according to the photographer or studio that took the photographs/film – at least eighteen years of age at the time.

Cheeky Flicks does not condone the abuse of minors or those in a position unable to make a sound judgement and decision when choosing to pose for a photographer. Any suggestion that a model has not consented or been of an adult age (eighteen) will result in the relevant image/s being immediately removed and the relevant authorities notified.

The Final Note

Cheeky Flicks is genuinely made with a passion for the naked body; to celebrate this and great photography. Sometimes it is kind, pleasant and warming, sometimes it is hard and gritty, close to the edge and downright dirty.

What you see is what you get.

So loosen your clothes, slip a hand down your pants, get horny and try not to cum too quickly.


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